Essential Course on SOLIDWORKS Simulation

Quickly gain practical insight into powerful simulation tools of SolidWorks Simulation and strengthen your analysis skills.

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SOLIDWORKS Simulation is a powerful, easy-to-use design analysis and optimization software fully embedded within SOLIDWORKS® software. SOLIDWORKS Simulation is ideal for engineers who need analysis but are not specialists in finite element analysis (FEA). Enroll in this course if you need to quickly gain practical insight on SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

About Instructor

Amit Nirmal

Mechanical Engineer with 15 years of valuable experience in engineering design (Products), Expert in Product Design Validation using Computer-Aided Engineering using Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Computational Fluid Dynamics, Multi-Physics Analysis. Conducts Online training and Workshops for Product Design Validation using Computer-Aided Engineering. Expert in Solar Energy System Design – Structural for both rooftop and ground-mounted solutions. Have designed and Validated Structural System for more than 2GW Solar Power Plant in India. Have installed dual-axis and single-axis fully automated tracking system. Design Consulting for Mechanical System Design such as Material Handling Systems, Pumping Applications, Prime Movers, Mechanism Design, Machine Building, and Load Bearing Structures design according to various standard codes.

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