Ansys Fluent Masterclass: A Comprehensive Guide to CFD Simulations

The course aims to provide a complete learning experience for individuals interested in mastering the art of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations using the industry-leading tool Ansys Fluent. With a structured curriculum and a blend of teaching methods, the course delivers practical knowledge, technical expertise, and valuable insights into real-world applications.

Course Highlights

  • A comprehensive curriculum, covering from the basics of CFD to the most advanced simulation techniques.
  • Hands-on lessons with Ansys Fluent, providing real-world context to theoretical concepts.
  • Detailed modules on Multiphase Flow, Heat Transfer, Multi-Species Flow, Wall Treatment, Rotating Zones, and more.
  • Special modules focusing on Solver Parameters, Numerical Schemes, and the use of the Adjoint Solver.
  • Industry-specific applications in aerospace, automotive, HVAC, and more.
  • Ample practice opportunities, including exercises, quizzes, and a final project.
  • Active learning support, with prompt and detailed feedback on assignments.
  • Access to a community of learners, encouraging peer-to-peer interaction and learning.
  • Emphasis on best practices and troubleshooting techniques.
  • Access to valuable resources and reference materials.

Course Objective

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand the core concepts of CFD and the mathematical principles behind it.
  • Effectively use Ansys Fluent for performing a variety of CFD simulations.
  • Apply advanced simulation techniques, including Multiphase Flow, Heat Transfer, Multi-Species Flow, and more.
  • Understand the importance of Wall Treatment, Y+ values, and appropriate meshing techniques.
  • Configure solver parameters and numerical schemes for stability and accuracy.
  • Utilize the adjoint solver for sensitivity analysis.
  • Perform CFD simulations using high-performance computing and parallel processing.
  • Apply your knowledge and skills to real-world problems, improving your problem-solving and critical thinking abilities.

Course Prerequisite

To fully benefit from the “Ansys Fluent Masterclass: A Comprehensive Guide to CFD Simulations” course, it is recommended that participants have the following prerequisites:

  • Basic knowledge of fluid mechanics: Familiarity with fundamental concepts of fluid mechanics, including properties of fluids, fluid behavior, flow patterns, and governing equations (e.g., continuity, momentum, and energy equations).
  • Understanding of numerical methods: A basic understanding of numerical methods used in computational fluid dynamics, such as finite difference, finite volume, or finite element methods. Knowledge of discretization schemes and numerical stability is beneficial.
  • Proficiency in engineering mathematics: Strong mathematical skills, including algebra, calculus, and differential equations. This knowledge will help in understanding the mathematical formulations and algorithms used in CFD simulations.
  • Familiarity with Ansys Fluent software: Although not mandatory, prior exposure to Ansys Fluent software is advantageous. Participants should have a basic understanding of the software interface, menu structure, and navigation. If you are new to Ansys Fluent, it is recommended to go through introductory tutorials or familiarize yourself with the software interface beforehand.
  • Engineering or scientific background: A background in engineering, physics, or a related scientific discipline is beneficial. It provides a solid foundation for understanding the principles and applications of CFD simulations.

While these prerequisites are recommended, the course can still be valuable for individuals with a strong interest in CFD simulations, even if they don’t possess all the prerequisites. The course is designed to cater to learners at different levels of expertise, offering a progressive learning experience from fundamental concepts to advanced topics in CFD simulations using Ansys Fluent.

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