Ansys CFD Expert -(PETI)

The course aims to provide a complete learning experience for individuals interested in mastering the art of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations using the industry-leading tool Ansys Fluent for PETI offline students. With a structured curriculum and a blend of teaching methods, the course delivers practical knowledge, technical expertise, and valuable insights into real-world applications.

This advanced CFD Expert course is designed to equip engineers with a deep understanding of computational fluid dynamics, focusing on practical applications and the latest software tools. Participants will enhance their analytical skills through real-world simulations, mastering techniques in turbulence modeling, mesh generation, and result interpretation to solve complex fluid dynamics problems effectively.

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Shirsh Technosolutions .

Shirsh's team is a collective of amazing people with domain expertise striving to help you build delightful products. We mold your product concept into practical reality through our comprehensive computer-aided engineering solutions which will lead to securing initial product quality, a decrease in product development time, and reduced costs. With the increase in the number of simulations, the need for producing physical prototypes will significantly decrease.

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